Monday, November 22, 2010

Dress review and Supporting your team

Adam's birthday dinner signaled the need for a new dress. I wanted something black that I could dress up but still be comfortable in. Victoria's Secret clothing is usually a bust, but I still can't help but order certain things, even if I know they will probably be returned. I purchased the new Ruched Crewneck Sweater Dress, and was so happy that it actually was a keeper! I got a Medium and my only complaint is that the sleeves are super long. I don't know who they think is wearing this, but obviously someone with lengthy limbs. I also can't see someone tall wearing it, as it was decently short on me (which I loved because most things are too long for my height).

I tried to show more of the rouching, but the website picture shows it best. One more thing I might add is that you should purchase a black slip to wear underneath as it is the lightest 'sweater' material I have seen. I would recommend this dress though, I personally think it is really cute and hope that I can wear it a few more places this year!

I paired it with my nude Colin Stuart heels (kind of hard to see, I took this picture just to see if I looked ok) and a leopard print, Steve Madden clutch. I got this years ago and am happy that it has stayed in style for so long.

On a more casual note, I broke out my Bengals shirt to support the losing team this past weekend. Ever since watching Hardknocks from 2 seasons ago, I have enjoyed the Bengals but they just seem to keep losing. Lucky for me, my fantasy showed up again this week and I hope to secure another win!

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