Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There's A Chill In The Air

This morning I woke up chilly, which is unusual as our house is set to 78 degrees and usually I sweat during the night. I went to go check the thermostat and noticed that is said 75 degrees, to which I panicked and thought that somehow it had been changed. Nope, that's just how cold it was from the weather! I was so happy that I threw a cardigan on and headed out the door. There was a crisp cool breeze going and all I could think about was a nice warm Pumpkin Spice latte. Up until now I have had to get them iced, so I finally got to enjoy a warm cup. All I want to do is go run some errands and enjoy the weather, maybe snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and a book. I need to win the lotto!

I am now thinking about some warm fall meals. There is a pumpkin lasagna and also a pumpkin rolls recipe that I am dying to try, and it feels like it is finally the perfect weather for them. The only thing is that no one but me likes the pumpkin foods! I could always freeze whatever I don't eat though, which I will probably end up doing. I also want to make some chicken parm burgers with sweet potato fries, since I haven't had them in so long!

This weekend is Oktoberfest so the weather came at the perfect time. This weekend we plan to attend that and finish up Halloween shopping, including finding Adam a costume (finally). We are also attending the first Magic game at the new arena!! I hope to get there early to check things out and am sure it will be a blast.
It's only Tuesday and I am already planning/awaiting the weekend; only 3 days to go :)

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