Sunday, September 19, 2010

Casual Saturday

As I mentioned before, I have gotten in on the leggings this year. I am really taking a liking to them, they're comfortable and thin, so I can wear them around Florida even now, when I am going from a/c to a/c. I paired my navy ones with my Michigan shirt for our morning of errands, and was lucky that none of the Gator fans threw anything at me! I really don't think they look that bad and wish I hadn't been so skeptical last year. I am looking forward to next month for the temps to drop even more so I can wear these more often, and I also need to find a black pair.

We had a relaxing day, errands in the morning and then lunch, movies, tv and football in the afternoon and evening. We tried to have a scary movie marathon, but neither of the 'horror' movies we watched were remotely scary. I think we need to take a break and let a few more releases come out!

Today we are off to the Ale House for Football! I am hoping that my team can get past last week and score a win;GO, BEARS EAT BEETS!!!

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