Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lemon Mayo

A few weeks back, we decided to take advantage of the fresh fish market in Gaiensville. We got some fresh tuna steaks and swordfish. I was looking for different sides to make and found this lemon mayonnaise idea from Jamie Oliver. Although mine ended up being differemt, because the single lemon that I used was extremely potent. I had to add a lot of different things to calm down the flavor, and it ended up pairing nicely with both the asparagus and all of the fish. I even ended up making a sandwich with the leftover fish the next day, buy simply using some sourgdough slices, slapping on some oof this mayo and then the fish. For the asparagus, I simply cooked in a skillet on high heat, while we grilled the fish.

Lemon Mayo
Mayonnaise - Light with Olive Oil
1 large Lemon
Garlic Powder
Kosher Salt

Use all according to taste. Squeeze lemon juice into mayo, and add garlic powder, salt and pepper until you get the desired flavor. Serve with fish or veggies.

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