Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Stuffed Jalapenos on the Grill

I think that these stuffed jalapenos recieved the most rave review of anything that I have made. They flew from the plate and bites were followed with 'mmmm's. I should have made more, but was unsure of how they would turn out. These weren't too hot, but when I made them again on Monday (yes, Adam had requested them again because they were really that good) they were much spicier. I guess it can just depend on the day you get your peppers and the ripeness of them. I was inspired by this recipe that I found, because it was on the grill and just a little different than others. You have to make sure to get the widest peppers that you can, because stuffing them can be difficult. I had to use the handle end of a baby spoon to fill them completely. Other than that, it was a breeze to make and cook!

Stuffed Jalapenos on the Grill
Large Jalapenos
8oz Cream Cheese, softened (I used 1/3 fat)
8oz Sharp Cheddar, shredded finely, plus 1/4 cup
Bacon slices, raw
Kosher Salt
Garlic Salt
Metal or Wooden Skewers
Baking Pan

Let your cream cheese block soften. Once it is mixable, combine with the cheddar, pinch of salt and some garlic powder. Make sure it is well blended.

Begin by slicing the tops off of the peppers and using a paring knife to hollow out the inside. Make sure to get rid of everything, even at the bottom. If you dont, then people will get a huge surprise when they take that last bite!

Using the end of a small spoon, fill the peppers with the cheese mixture. Do not try to put all of the filling in at once, if you do then it will not get to the bottom of the pepper. Spoon a few scoops in. Fill to the top and then dip the opening in the extra cheddar.

Take the top of your pepper and spread a little of the cream cheese mix on top and place on the bottom, to make the pepper whole again. Take 1/2 slice of bacon and wrap around jalapeno, then skewer. Work with one pepper at a time. Place the skewer on a baking pan.

Heat half of your grill on high, and the other half on low. Place the baking pan on the low heat side and cook, covered, for 20-30 minutes.

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