Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Working for the Weekend

With school and working out, I have been having a hard time fitting everything into my nights. I have stuck to waking up at 5am all through last week and again this week in order to do a Jillian video and I am definitely proud that I have been able to follow through. I have been really eating healthy and running at night, last week I logged 15 miles and also did some other cardio at the gym. Adam's daughter was in town this weekend and we ate out both Saturday and Sunday. I went for a salad and skipped ALL fair food! The fair had fried sandwiches, pickles, candy bars, everything and I was able to walk away from it all. Although I did have a nice juicy cheeseburger at the end of the day, but at least it was homemade! I actually have used a spreadsheet to track my calories for the past 7 weeks and can see that I am finally making some good progress with it.

While I have not stepped on a scale, nor do I think I have lost weight, I can feel my pants fitting a little better than they did around 2 weeks ago. I have lots of good chicken recipes to make this week, amd honestly by the time I make and eat dinner Im barely hungry and just want to sleep. School has gotten busier, I am running every night and I am trying to finish my knitting swatch/read Shutter Island and also be in bed by 9:30. It is a task getting all of that completed!

I really cannot wait for the cruise and 2, 4-day work weeks! Plus this weekend Adam and I are headed to Tampa for a UCONN game, he is the biggest fan ever and I get to use my foam UCONN paw to cheer them on! So we have 2 great weekends upon us. I was hoping my sisters could go so we could have some fun at night but I guess they have more going on here so we will hold the fun for the cruise. Im hoping everyone is their max fun and we can drink and get a little crazy, thats really the only way to do it when you don't have to worry about anything!

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