Thursday, March 4, 2010

Almost There!

I was so happy that Adam came back from Gainesville early this week, and last night all we could think about was the cruise. We are SO excited to get away and have fun in the sun! I mean, Im already half way packed and its still a week away. I was reminded of these Aunt Jemima lookalike salt and pepper shakers that we regretted not getting at the Straw Market last year, so we definitely need to pick those up, I hope they are still there!

I had previously bought a swimsuit and purchased a medium bottom, when it came there was no way these lovehandles were squeezing into it without a gigantic muffin top! So, I went online and found bottoms in the same color, but different style, and ordered a large. They came yesterday and fit great, but they arent even the same color as my top! Im not one to worry about mismatching bathing suit colors, I actually like it and do it often, but this color combo is quite interesting. Either way it looks though, it's still better than squeezing my fat for everyone to see.

I think that I will be having so much fun that I wont even worry about what I look like, actually. Adam and I have had money set aside so that we dont have to worry about drink prices or anything and we can simply just enjoy our time. I think that I have de-stressed a bit about my weight and that has made my pants fit better, just in this past week or so. Next week I plan to do lower sodium foods and lots of water just to flush out any bloat before we sail away.

Its such a fun group going that I cannot wait! I am praying for beautiful weather the whole time, and not to burn.

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