Monday, February 22, 2010

Cruisin for a Bruisin

Only 18 days left until I set sail for the Bahamas and I cannot wait! It has been way too cold in Florida this winter, and this weekend we got a taste of the 70 degree weather. I could not get enough, and am so ready to be on the beach!

I have been above my calories lately and know that I wont be anywhere near my goal, but I guess thats ok. We will be on the Spring Break cruise with all the college kids who are all skinny, but all I will think is that their day will come when they no longer have that nice metabolism working for them. Right?! I hope its not just me who lost it!

I do plan to decrease my salt intake and raise the amount of water that Im drinking. Ill be doing protein for breakfast and chicken for dinner, running in the morning and doing a little cardio/weights in the afternoon. Maybe I can at least control a little bit of body swelling! I swear, that valentines candy is still doing me in!

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