Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Im Over This

I am pretty much totally over this crazy cleanse. I have managed to stay on it and only eat a little at dinner, but I am getting to be one hungry girl! Since I am unable to workout today due to being so sore from Jillians shred, I have to stay on it. I figure Ill be all ready to workout again on Saturday so keeping it up until Friday isnt so bad. Well, it is bad because I am craving any and everything, and I can just feel my stomach searching around for something to be in there, but its tolerable for now.

We are going to mexican for Erin's birthday tonight and I will probably get some guacamole, because I dont want to get anything that is big or crazy and totally ruin this. That will be enough to fill me up for the evening and carry me into tomorrow. Tomorrow is Thursday!

I cant wait to start off next week with some twice a day workouts, I am really hoping that I will be able to lose SOMETHING by March. These love handles and thighs are for the birds, they have got to go! Squat, lunge, press.....

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