Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Using What I Have At My Disposal

A lady that I work with was in my office as I browsed through photos from last weekends Reindeer Run. She looked at Erin and went off on how phenominal she looks and how she is such a great tool that I should be using since she is my sister. She immediately told me to email Erin and get her food diet for 2 days, so that she can try to mimick it and hopefully it will help her with her weightloss.

Well, of course this made me think about how right she is and Erin can point me in the right direction. Hello, she just lost 10 pounds and didnt have an ounce of fat on her so where did it even come from?! Im full of fat and have yet to lose a pound. So, we got Erins meal plan and last night I went out and got all of the things that I will need to start this and try to jumpstart some weightloss of my own. Kashi oatmel, almonds, veggies and veggie burgers. I know that I need to cut out my carbs at night and so that I will do. I also know that I need to just control what Im eating and watch my snacking. This paired with my working out should have the ball rolling sooner than later. So I have my fingers crossed!!

Funny how this post is following biscotti and will be followed by buffalo chicken dip.....

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