Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mapping My Run

I really need to start working on my endurance and upping my miles, as much as I hate the thought. Next week I am doing 6 miles with Erin, which will be the most I've run so far. Today I went on to map out a 5 miles path so that tonight I can get a good enough run in. It's hard to do this because when I map it, I know exactly where everything is (with Erin I just dont know where I am or how close I am to being done). So as I map, all I can think is 'Oh my gosh I have to go all the way there!?' and I feel intimidated! Plus I really am trying to beat the sun going down because I am completely afraid of getting snatched in the dark. With those Skull Candy headphones it's basically like having the best earplugs ever, I cannot hear a thing, so I definitely wouldn't hear someone sneaking up on me. Tonight I have a 4.5 mile run, which I still think will be good enough. I'm really not hydrated enough, but Im hoping that the weather will remain nice and Ill have a decent run. I need to get this training going! Gasparilla, here I come!!

Tonight I also have to bake a pie, make some chocolate covered pretzels and caramel chocolate covered apples, plus work on my knitting and make dinner. I am feeling very domestic!

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