Friday, October 2, 2009

Theres no turning back

So, today I officially signed up for my 5 Mile race. Theres no going back, I have to do it(Im $22 in)! I am really hoping that my legs are feeling better soon. I know that if they werent hurting I could definitely run it with no problem, but right now Im just in pain. I took yesterday and today off so they can rest up and hope that tomorrow they'll be ready to go.

Now that I have fulfilled my chinese craving (and cant wait for my lunch leftovers), I had a clear head to plan out this coming weeks meals. When I put on my jeans this morning I noticed a slight difference, and that makes it all even more worth it! This weekend I plan on making my own pumpkin puree since there is a shortage of the canned stuff here, which is so crazy. Then Ill be able to make my truffles and we will continue icing our Halloween cookies. Yum!
Monday: Fish Tacos with tilapia and peppers, Big Salad with salsa/ff sour cream mix for dressing
Tuesday: Chicken Parm Burgers with ground chicken on 100 calorie whole wheat buns served with salad and ff caesar dressing
Wednesday: going to the Magic game! Ill try to be good.....
Thursday: Shrimp Salad with roasted asparagus and broccoli - somethign easy since we will probably go to HHN
Lots of veggies, so we will definitely be hitting the farmers market tomorrow.

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