Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meal Plan

This past week I only had to make dinner one time, because it's been a pretty hectic week in terms of nighttime happenings. I actually kind of enjoyed the week off because it gave me time to gather lots of new dinner recipes and ideas. I am trying out one of my moms recipes this Sunday, which will be the hardest that I have attempted thus far, because it is something that I have eaten many times and have high expectations for. And then I have one made up recipe that I want to try....although I have no idea how it will turn out and can just hope for the best. If it's awful, there's always takeout!

Friday: Shrimp and Tofu Pad Thai with Shrimp Potstickers
Saturday: Out to Bahama Breeze for Kellys 30th Birthday
Sunday: Moms Chicken Pot Pie and Homemade Biscuits (theres nothing healthy about this)
Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Sweet and Sour Chicken, baked, with carrots and snow peas. Served with some brown rice.
Wednesday:Loaded Potatoes (hey, they're from Eating Well) with Parmesean Tomatoes and a Salad
Thursday: Baked Chicken with an apple/onion sautee and cheddar slice melted on top, served with sweet potato wedges

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