Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stiff Calves and Pumpkin Puree

I have been working out 6 days a week for a few weeks now. My calves have gotten noticeably tight, and last week the front of my legs started getting pains as well. I stretch and it doesn't seem to help, I get on the treadmill and it hurts everytime my foot touches down. I feel a pain in the whole bottom half of my leg and it feels stiff, like i just have a big ball of muscle thats prohibiting any movement there. Yesterday I had a 4 mile run with Erin and had hoped that my legs would be better, but they werent. At about 2 miles they started to feel looser and didnt bother me as much, but Erin says I have shin splints! I never would have thought. Then she proceeds to tell me how she has to use a foam roller to stretch her muscles and she was practically crying while doing it. Great, that sounds like something I want to do. I figure that I will add a second rest day in and she suggests that I get a yoga video to do that day. I have to say that I still did a pretty good job on the run, we finished in 41 and some change minutes. I felt great that I did it, because I had begun to think that I wouldnt even make it! If I can get my legs to feel better, I have no doubt that I will definitely be able to run a decent time in the 5 mile race. It's less than a month away!!

I'm also pretty disappointed because I found this great pumpkin truffles recipe that I couldn't wait to try. So I bought all of the things that I needed. Molds, Chips, Melting Chocolate, Paintbrush, Cloves, Ginger. I went to publix yesterday to get the canned pumpkin and what do you know, there is a pumpkin shortage! Basically I bought all of the stuff and now there is not even an estimated date of when canned pumpkin will be back in stock around here. I'm really not sure how a shortage of this occurs, especially around the holidays. There are plenty of pumpkins out there so why no canned puree? Looks like I'll be stalking all of the local stores until they restock.

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