Thursday, March 7, 2013

Packing Up!

We are in a whirlwind of transition here in the Kruger household, so forgive me for being somewhat absent. Here's what we are up to:

Remy turned 9 months old! She is scooting all over the floor, pulling herself up, jabbering a lot, eating all kinds of big girl food, sleeping through the night and just all over the place! She has this talking dog that she LOVES. Im talking obsession here! She started to say 'mama' loves to swing and hates when you touch her hair or face. Yea, it makes for quite an experience trying to clip her hair up!

 A and I took our first vacation together since Remy was born! We went to Key West and even though we went during the cold front we were able to get in our swim suits one day and do a lot of relaxing (and sleeping)!

My mom came to watch Remy while we vacationed and has stayed to help us pack up our house. They officially broke ground on our house and it is underway! I can't wait to begin planning out the colors, decor, etc. We gave away and sold a lot of our items that we no longer want so that we can make way for new things.

I quit my job and will now be a stay at home mommy to little miss Rem! It has always been my dream and I'm glad that I put in a few months after having her to be able to now leave my job knowing that it is the right thing for us. Remy and I are actually headed to Florida at Easter and won't be back to Nashville until our new home is complete. Adam will visit us every other weekend and even though it will be hard, we will save some serious cash which will help us with the house.

We are on quite an adventure and come August we will have our lives back together, but for now we will just enjoy the ride of craziness!

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