Friday, February 15, 2013

Remy's 1st Disney Trip 1/31/13

I am lucky to have a sister who works in the tourist industry. She has so many connections to all things happening in Orlando and made it possible for Remy to visit Disney (for free) when we visited for a weekend.

I was SO excited! I know that Remy won't remember anything, but sharing it with her was just so much fun for me. She slept a lot of the time, since we went directly from our flight to the Magic Kingdom, but she enjoyed herself as well!

 Already sleepy on the monorail ride to the Magic Kingdom
 Mickey Ears!
 Waiting for It's A Small World
 She loved the singing and dolls on the ride
 Nap Time Again - and of course a Mickey Ice Cream

Final nap and time to leave the park.

She met Donald and Goofy, ate some Ice Cream, also rode the Pirates and Tea Cups and I bought her a little Minnie souvenier. She got a '1st Time to Disney' button but the guy wrote the date as 1-31-2012.....oh well, we all know she couldn't have gone before she was born! She slept through every Parade/Performance in the streets which I think she would have enjoyed seeing, but there's always next time!

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