Sunday, January 27, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Since I was MIA for so long......

 It's been chiiiilly here! We got snow a couple different times but nothing that stuck. I've loved dressing Remy in all of her hats!
 Remy has learned to feed herself. She loves puffs and will eat them all day if you let her.
 My little Valentine!
 She also helps with the laundry. Good girl!
 Remy loooves the xylophone! It's her favorite toy at school. Unfortunately, she usually gets bullied and someone tries to take it from her. Poor baby :(
 We had a few warm days which demanded a walk outside in the sunshine! Remy got a good nap in, too.
 She loves books!
 I downloaded some apps on my phone and one is a drawing one. here is Remy's first picture! Yes, I printed it out and hung it on our fridge :)

 Remy learned what a flower was for the first time. She was scared at first, but then learned it's not bad! We like when Daddy brings home flowers!
 All ready for Valentine's Day!
Remy is still not crawling yet. She does go in a circle and backwards, though!

 I'm still eating healthy! Especially during the weeks. I splurge on the weekends but have been more tame - we eat out once a week and the other nights I still make us fairly healthy dishes.
 We started having our own game night on the weekends. Pass the pigs, anyone?
 ugh, I love her!!
And I forgot to post this pic of Remy at Christmas. It's one of my favorite shots of her. she was all ready for Christmas Eve mass! It just doesn't get any prettier.

I hope everyone has been well! I should be posting more now :) Hope you had a lovely weekend!

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