Monday, December 10, 2012

It's the Holiday Season.....

....and we've been up to a lot!

 Remy is now sitting in high chairs when we go out to eat (which I assure you is not often)
 I still enjoy a bev every now and again - gotta keep that monitor nearby!
 We like to swing!

 I still visit my Roo every day at daycare :)
 Remy also sits in the shopping carts which has made shopping much more fun - for us both
 She loooves to play! she is non stop and especially loves hitting things with a measuring spoon. Little does she know that Santa is leaving her a brand new measuring spoon set in her stocking.

Our family was sick for almost a week straight. Heres sick Daddy and Remy watchign some t.v.

 We are eating fruits, veggies and now even puffs!
 Christmas cookies!
 Mom, what are you guys doing with all that sweet stuff???
mmmm sure Ill have a taste of the icing!

In 8 days we head to sunny Florida! Its been in the 60s and 70s here so I really am not wanting to go into warmer weather but am still excited to see everyone. Plus it means I have off work for a long break which is always nice. Ah, the holidays.

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