Sunday, December 16, 2012

DIY Holiday Cookie Jars

I guess it's inevitable that when you have kids, you have more people to gift around the holidays. With Remy in daycare, it is especially important to show my gratitude to those that take care of her 2.5 days a week for me. They hold her, feed her, play with her and give her love - even though I hate having her there, their kindness doesn't go unnoticed by me.

I could go out and show my thankfulness by spending lots of money on people, but I think that homemade gifts are just as thoughtful, meaningful and appreciated. I found lots of ideas on pinterest this season (go figure) and this is my absolute favorite! You probably already have most of the ingredients, the mason jars are under $3, the spatulas are under $4 and its just a pretty presentation.

You can find the instructions here - I definitely will be making these again in the coming years and for various occasions. For some reason my publix had no holiday plain m&ms but you could do any seasonal colors. I skipped the nuts and added more chocolate chips to the top of the jar.

I wrapped these up in some pretty bags and plan to get donuts for the teachers in the morning as well. Remy will be out starting Tuesday through Jan 3rd so we are ready to start the holidays with some gift giving - it always feels good to give, don't you think?

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