Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Review

Hi, Friends! Well, it's Sunday again! This weekend felt pretty long for me but I had a productive week altogether! I was able to officially get all of my name change documentation in and have a new last name :) I also have been still putting up with ear problems from that infection 3 weeks back. I went to see a specialist this week and got some pretty bad news at first, but once they put me on some new medication it turned around and I should be able to hear from my left ear in 2-3 weeks now. It's been awful having a plugged ear for so long, but at least the pain went away within the first 7 days!

Last night I whipped up some chocolate chip cookies. I used the reeses peanut butter chips as well as regular semi sweet chips and semi sweet  chunks. I threw them all in the freezer, so we are fully stocked again!

Last night I also made Flank Steak Sandwiches. Will blog them this week - they were super yummy and a nice twist on a regular sandwich or cheesesteak - the idea is originally from a restaurant at a Florida beach.

Friday night we ended up going to Macaroni Grill for dinner and got this lovely surprise in our salads. Mmm doesn't everyone enjoy chunks of dirt when they dine out?!

Casey Anthony was released from jail last night, also. Adam was annoyed that I kept checking my twitter to see her release photo, but Ive followed for this long so wasnt about to stop at the last minute! Not sure where she headed off to (I know a different city/state) but hopefully a hard time is ahead for her.

Im excited for the week! On Thursday I head to Orlando (Adam to follow on Friday!) to visit my family for a long weekend. I miss them a lot and am super ready for some time with them! Im also going to make some peanut butter thumbprint cookies, roast a whole chicken for the first time and try to start us out on eating out our freezer which is full of food!

Not sure if any of you hit the mall this weekend but there were sales at every turn! We went and got some new work clothes (and some casual pieces also) and paid about 1/2 off for most things - my biggest score being a pair of skinny cargos for $6. So Im a but more motivated to workout now, funny how that happens. I got up at 7am and ran this morning before showering and hopping back into bed. Time to start the day now - happy sunday!

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