Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crabs in Gainesville and the Weekend

My mom has always made the best crab cakes and crab soup. We are originally from Baltimore, so blue crabs have been a staple summer food for us. We have been able to find crabs in Orlando, although it's always someplace far away or with a long wait (or both!). When my parents visited Gainesville the other weekend my mom and I found a place with blue crabs that will even steam them for you for only $5 more. It's called T&J Seafood and is located on 34th street right off of 39th. They always have blue crabs and you can even call and reserve some to pick up later. If you are in gainesville I highly recommend this spot! We got 1/2 bushel and with the leftovers my mom taught me how to make her crab soup.

I will never give up the recipe to this but wanted to share it anyway. I hope that everyone is having a lovely weekend! Adam is headed to the airport so I am making some chocolate chip challah bread and will hit up some stores later on. I want to check out a Bagel Bakery that has gotten great reviews on trip advisor and stop by target and the mall. We have a court hearing on the 25th that I would like to get a new dress for so Ill see if anything is on sale.

On another note, I discovered these little things at target.

Has anyone tried them? I picked up the 2 flavors, cookies n cream and strawberry banana, because they looked so fun. I hate drinking milk plain and I suspect that these are for children, but it will even get some more milk into my diet! The flavor balls disintegrate as you drink the milk and it makes it a yummy flavor. They are 17 calories a pop and what I would consider a sweet treat and not something to feed to your kids everyday.

I also thought I would give these Sally Hansen nail polish strips a try, since I had a dollar off coupon from the target website.

They were really easy to put on and I think they are pretty fun! I was actually able to use one strip for 2 nails so I have a full set leftover for another use.

Its been a nice, relaxing weekend and I am now just counting down to Adams return! He comes home tomorrow and I know he will do great on his interview. I hope you all enjoy the end of your weekend!

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