Thursday, June 30, 2011

Casey Anthony Trial: Defense's Final Day

I said before that I am a die hard follower of the Casey Anthony Case. My sisters and I were on a volunteer search team back in 2008 where we searched for Caylee's body. We followed every minute of the arrest, bail, arrest, bail and final jail time. Nancy Grace became our nightly companion as the state of Florida (and more) were wrapped up in the bizarre case of a partying mom who's daughter went missing. She lied to police, stole money from her friends and was in a hot body contest in the weeks after her daughters disappearance/death, never once giving a hint of suspicion to anyone until her mother finally got it out of her that something had happened.

Here we are, 3 years later. I have either watched a full day of trial, listened to it in the background of my computer at work, followed forums or caught up with every tv program in the evenings while checking my twitter constantly to stay abreast of the new information. The prosecution has rested and the defense is wrapping up their case today. Will Casey take the stand? In my opinion the defense could have stayed simple and given the jury doubt of the states claims that Casey chloroformed and duct taped her baby in a homicide. If the defense had been that Caylee drowned accidentally and Casey was scared so she covered it up, I think it could have been believable (to someone who has not followed the case for 3 years), but instead they went with drowning and lies caused by sexual abuse form her father and brother and said that her father actually found and hid the body. Then a meter reader got in cahoots with the father, George, to rehide the body. The whole thing is just too far of a stretch and non of it has actually been proved.

I am undecided on if the chloroforming was an accident or intentional, but I believe in this theory of the defense and think that there is just too much circumstantial evidence and that the completely bizarre, inappropriate behavior that Casey displayed even the day of the death until the weeks she was found out followed by the lies show that she is without a soul. In the states rebuttal I expect that they will be able to prove that Casey's mother, Cindy, was lying on the stand to cover the tracks of Casey's computer searches for 'how to make chloroform', 'neck breaking' etc. and give even more computer evidence into the day that the death is supposed to have happened. If Casey gets up, it will simply be because she loves the spotlight and attention.

The defense team is probably the worst that Casey could have gotten, but I'm pretty sure something odd is going on between her and Jose Baez. He took this case with way too little experience and has been shown this by seasoned prosecutor's. If anyone wanted to be his client in the future I would be completely blown away.

I have received a few emails regarding my thoughts on the case(I had mentioned before how I was an avid follower and may blog about it, but decided not to for those who do not follow) so I thought that I would give my opinion of the case thus far. When you know so much information, the evidence is clear. I can only hope that the jury has enough insight into the mind of Casey, or has common sense to know that this is not normal. I will be following the next couple of days before deliberation closely. Will you?

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