Thursday, February 17, 2011

Weekend Countdown

I realized that I never posted a picture of the lovely Valentine's Day roses that I received at work! They are in full bloom today and they smell amazing, I hope that they are some kind of alien flowers that refuse to ever die. They make it so much nicer to sit at my desk and are making me think about always having some flowers here. Flowers are cheery and make you smile, don't you think?

I am excited for the weekend, as always, but especially because I am going to look at dresses on Saturday! I'm sure I have told you about how overheated and sweaty I get, so I need something light. It will be really fun and my mom, Kelly and Meaghy will be joining me, which really means a lot to me.

I was unable to workout yesterday, so I swung by the mall and actually picked up 2 dresses. That is such a hit or miss thing to shop for, and when it comes down to the wire and you really need it, there's none to be found. So I was lucky to have a hit day. I will probably just buy a couple pair of shorts and then be good on the clothing for summer. I also picked up a bikini top that I love and a cover up. Both are on reserve in my closet for the wedding week!

I also decided that I cannot lose anymore weight, because absolutely nothing will fit me, so I'm hoping to maintain where I am at. I am mostly worried about gaining, so I am going to try and stick with my routine now and not indulge. I think the day we get back from St Thomas I will be screaming for a big mac or Pei Wei! It's back to the gym today and tomorrow morning. I hope that you all have something exciting planned, it is supposed to be gorgeous weather in most areas, so get out an enjoy it!

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  1. St. Thomas is amazing! The beaches are beautiful and the shopping is so good. Make sure to bring extra cash. :)

    I'm thinking about summer clothes too! It's actually 50 degrees here today and as I was looking throguh my closet this morning for something lighter to wear, I realized I barely have any Spring/Summer clothes. They seem to disappear during the winter! I need to go shopping too!

    Can't wait to hear how dress shopping goes. Have fun!