Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!

Believe it or not, December is here! Having my decorations up at work and Pandora's Christmas Station streaming at my desk has really made me feel better about coming into the office. A cold front has also moved in so we got a temperature drop from 85 to 65 that should last through next weekend!

I am glad that the week is moving and we are halfway through, because I cannot wait for the weekend! On Saturday Adam and I will get the tree and decoartions up. He even found some places to cut your own tree, which will be really fun to go do in the chilly weather. Back in Maryland we used to go cut down a tree from the farm each year as a family. I remember doing this even when I was really little, roping it to the hood of the car and decorating it at home. I'm not sure how we will secure it to the car now, but we will have to figure something out!

I'll bake up a storm and decorate the house, and since I already have all of his Christmas gifts I will bring those to put under the tree. Stringing the lights outside may be tricky, but hopefully won't take too long. I even plan to eat healthy this weekend! With all of the sugar going around and skipped workouts that I forsee, I want to be good as much as I can. I will be blogging a new bar recipe and hot chocolate on a stick next week, and also some mini donuts, so stay tuned!

And I will leave you with this beauty. We browsed Coach on Black Friday, which was a huge mistake because I saw this clutch and cannot get it off of my mind. I love the color and the fact that the sequins are rectangular instead of circular. I want it! I will admire it from afar because I know that I will not be buying it, but it's nice to dream sometimes :)

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