Sunday, October 3, 2010


It may sound strange, but Adam and I have a drink that I would consider 'ours.' We have fond memories of Limoncello, and for a year or so he has thought about making his own. Last week he ordered a big glass container, bought some vodka and lemons and started to make his own. He also has fun with the lemons!

The first steps are simply to add lemon peels (being careful to not include any of the 'white' part) to vodka and let it sit until the yellow color dissolves from the peels. Then, after a lot of time sitting and soaking up the lemon, you add sugar syrup and let it sit some more. It would be a nice gift, to bottle this in smaller portions and give out to family and friends.
Limoncello - amounts depend on how much you want to make

Lemon Peels
Sugar Syrup

Skin the lemons of the yellow colored peel; add peel to a large container of vodka. Let the mix sit in a dark place until the yellow color and lemon flavor dissolves into vodka.

Add sugar syrup and let sit until it reaches desired flavor. ( you can start tasting once the sugar syrup is added)

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