Tuesday, September 21, 2010

K-Cups and Ramblings

Even though I hit the snooze one extra time this morning, I was still more excited than most days to come into work because I had some new K-Cups to try in our Keurig machine! We only have 2 flavored coffees and a regular and a bold at the office, and I really don't enjoy any of them anymore. It just doesn't taste as good as other coffee, and last year when I tried to change out a few flavors it all fell through and nothing happened with it. So, when I found out my mom was going to Kohls where there was a sale on the K-Cups, I was lucky enough to have her pick these up for me. The Donut Shop Extra Bold and Cafe Escapes Hot Chocolate. I brewed the regular for breakfast and am back to liking my coffee at work. It is smooth and has a good taste to it, I will probably keep up with my own stock of coffee here from now on.

I am putting in 4 good days at the gym this week and already feel a good sore spot from yesterdays class. Halloween is coming up and I need to be able to get into my costume! Minus the Oreos, I have managed to do pretty well around all of the candy, I just need to keep it up.

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