Sunday, August 1, 2010

Something Different to Post About

I in no way consider myself very fashion forward, but I have been following a few fashion blogs recently. I have just wanted to get some new ideas on how to update my wardrobe and make it more stylish, with pieces that I can continue to wear. Since I've lost a few pounds and toned up, I have been more confident with how I dress and want an update.With a few trips coming up, and a whole new season ahead, I have been trying to take in as many tips as possible and take advantage of some sales.

I headed to the mall last week to check out a Macys sale and found this dress for 40% off, making it an affordable $25. I paired it with a skinny belt, since it was very plain and form fitting and needed to be broken up a bit. I really like the detailing on the top, and how casual it is. I wore it to a bbq type party that Adam's co-worker hosted. I think it looked cute, and is simple for the summer time in crazy hot florida!

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