Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to the Grind

It is my first real day back to normal life, and I am just thinking of how short my vacation was! We were lucky enough to have 2 full days of sun, although I do wish that we would have been able to tender to the island on Sunday instead of having a day at sea. But I cannot complain, we still had a great day!

The food wasnt really anything to rave about, but I still did my fair share of indulging in it, and especially drinking all the icy tropical drinks and cold, full calorie beer. Today I am getitng back into my normal routine (although St Pattys day tomorrow is sure to be a bust) and I am not worrying about the damage that has been done, vacation is just for that! It does look like the weather is shaping up for us here in Florida, and the weekends should agree with our need for pool days now, so that will be more of a reason to eat well during the weeks. Sunshine, welcome back!

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