Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Public Embarrassment

Today I am covering the front desk. Exciting, right? Well, I've been working on my homework during lunch hours, so today I had to go out in order to do that. I decided to go to Panera because they keep talking about this bbq chicken salad (since I'm working out double today I thought it would be OK to have). I actually forgot the name and panicked and ordered a cobb salad instead, so that was pretty disappointing. I get my salad and carry my book to a table tucked away to the side. There is a lady sitting across the room from me who is eating by herself. All of the sudden I hear 'Eleanor! Eleanor!,' which immediately makes me think of that movie where the house is haunted and the lady tries to free the babies. This lady obviously sees someone she knows and is calling for her to turn around. She also starts flailing her arms around, waiving to get Eleanor's attention. Everyone can hear her. Everyone can see her. She gets on her phone with a smile on her face and calls Eleanor. Eleanor looks at her phone and then rejects the call. The look on the ladys face was awful. How embarrasing to be ignored and have everyone around you see it. I felt for her! I will never publicly reject a call again.

My most embarrassing display in public was when I choked on a piece of sample chinese chicken at the mall. Everyone could hear and see me gagging, but noone would help. When I finally was free of it, I had a walk of shame out of the food court. The girl that cannot chew a piece of chicken.

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